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Where to Buy Turkish Towels?

My Turkish Towel First Impressions

O holy night, my first Turkish towel is a show stopper that I still use to this day.

I found it in this adorable little vintage beach shop, the kind of shop that made you feel like a laid back world traveler simply by being there. There was just one Turkish towel and I first thought it was a scarf. The surfer babe behind the counter corrected me and told me it was a Turkish towel. I acted like I was cool and knew what they were. She didn't buy my act and explained that a Turkish towel was woven using long Turkish cotton fibers. This is what kept the towel thin and crazy absorbent. She said she had a set of Turkish towels with tassels at home and that they get even better the more you use them. Now she had my attention, I am always complaining about how nothing lasts anymore. 

I often wonder if my Turkish towel will outlive me.

What to Look for When Buying Turkish Towels?

where to buy turkish towels

Customers should be looking for Turkish Towels that are cotton material and lightweight.

This makes our Turkish Beach and Bath Towels fast drying and softer with each use! Some other features that our unique Turkish Beach and Bath Towels have are that they are sand resistant, eco-friendly, and are compact for easy storage. The general price range for Turkish Towels is around $30 to $55, but if you head over to our page now we have lots of designs on sale! These won’t last long so act quick!

Turkish Towels are very popular this summertime season so when purchasing we can only guarantee your satisfaction through our own Kipa Beach Turkish Towels. When purchasing, make sure that you are ordering through our website directly or any of the retailers listed on our page. To find this page, click “Retailers” at the bottom left corner of Kipa Beach’s website. 

Where to Buy Turkish Towels?

I’m sure most of us would love to be sitting on a beach in Hawaii, wind in our hair and sun kissing our skin without a worry in the world…. Sadly, that's not always possible.

Kipa Beach has made it easy for you to purchase your very own piece of Hawaii with the Turkish Beach Towel!

where can I buy turkish towels

These towels are designed in the heart of Hawaii making them so unique amongst all other Turkish Towels! Each design embodies the culture of the Hawaiian natives while also offering customers an eco-friendly and comfortable product.

Turkish Beach and Bath Towels are so unique that they can only be found in limited retail locations around the United States. Most of which are located in the home state of the company, Hawaii. Other locations are in Tennessee, Colorado, New York and even over to the West Coast, California. If you can’t make it to one of our retail locations we also offer Turkish Beach Towels through our website and another online boutique that can be found on our page.

Customers should act quick and snag their little piece of Hawaii because Kipa Beach can always guarantee Turkish Towels that are eco-friendly, softer with each use, fast drying and sand resistant but what we cannot always promise is that these won’t sell out quickly! As you look through our online inventory you may see some designs are already sold out, it’s tough keeping such stylish and multifunctional Turkish Towels in stock, but don’t worry, they’ll be back!

How to Online Order Turkish Towels Through Kipa Beach?

Turkish Towels can be ordered online through Kipa Beach’s website directly. To see the entire line of Turkish Towels, one can click “Shop” at the top of the page and every size and design of Turkish Beach Towels will be presented for the customer to view. Once you find the style of Turkish Beach Towel that you prefer, click “Add to Cart” then head to checkout.

Ordering for your home and need more than one? Find the style of Turkish Bath Towel you prefer and change the quantity to the amount you would like in your new stylish bathroom. Customers will also see that Kipa Beach has the option of Google Pay, making it easier for Apple customers to pay with a card stored on file. No need to dig through your bag or even leave the couch!

Kipa Beach has made it so easy to shop their products online it’s hard not to! They offer more than enough options for customers to purchase and having a gift card option really seals the deal for you tough decision makers. Turkish Towels were designed to provide customers with an ideal beach and bath experience by being so many things at once. Kipa Beach did not stop there for their customers though, they ensure quick shipping and amazing customer service to help guide customers from start to finish. We also value your input and welcome reviews for your Turkish Beach and Bath Towels! It is Kipa Beach’s goal to ensure that all customers are satisfied with our company and our products.

Where Can I Purchase Turkish Towels in Person?

buy turkish towels in person

Our Turkish Beach and Bath Towels are unique so it is only fitting that they be sold in the most unique boutiques in America! Most locations are in Hawaii because this is where Kipa Beach designs their Turkish Towels. They really capture the spirit of Hawaii within each design so people everywhere can feel the love of this place.

To view all the available styles of Turkish Towels, click “SHOP” at the top of our website. See a style but it’s sold out? Don’t worry! Kipa Beach has many retailers around the United States where customers can also purchase Turkish Towels online or in store! Some of these locations are located in Hawaii, Colorado, Tennessee, New York and California. If you aren’t close to any of these retailers for your Turkish Bath Towel purchase, Kipa Beach has a full list of retailers plus their website and company information!

Other Available Purchasing Options

We understand that it can get extremely tricky trying to buy gifts for others. In today’s world it's almost like everyone is picky or already has most things. You don’t have to stress about that with Turkish Beach and Bath Towels by Kipa Beach. We have developed not only a unique product that is multifunctional and stylish, but also a product that is unique to somewhere special to us, Hawaii. The designs are made by the people of Hawaii in their home place and we hope that we are able to deliver a product to you that shares just how wonderful Hawaii feels.

How Long Until I Receive my Turkish Towels?

Online shopping can be like Christmas Eve for some. Constantly checking the mail for your package or clicking that “track package” link a thousand times a day, we’ve all been there. That is why it’s so important for companies to strive for urgency when dealing with customer’s orders. Good news here is Kipa Beach certainly doesn’t want to be your Grinch so we’ve worked hard for our shipping policy and we stand by it!

Kipa Beach wants to ensure its customers with quick and easy service. Our company ships Monday through Friday, unless there is a holiday. Customers can expect to receive their Turkish Towels in 3-7 business days from the date of ordering. If you are late getting a loved one a gift, Turkish Beach and Bath Towels are perfect for you because of this extremely well executed shipping method. Countless times I have ordered from companies who give me an “estimated” 10 or less day shipping policy but it's almost as if once I click purchase, I usually don’t see the order for at least 2 weeks. This poor quality of service has left me empty handed in a time of need more than once so it's comforting that Kipa Beach takes their customer experiences seriously all the way until the product is in customers hands.

What If I’m Not Satisfied with my Turkish Towels?

In the rare possibility that customers are unhappy with their Turkish Towel purchase, Kipa Beach does offer exchanges and refunds. To read our Return Policy, scroll to the bottom of this page and click “Customer Care.” Here customers can find all information related to refunds and exchanges. Kipa Beach works hard to ensure customers get the best experience even if not satisfied with our products. We have a team ready to assist you with any issue you may have and we value your input. Our products are designed with you in mind from start to finish even if it sadly doesn’t work out! Kipa Beach strives to provide excellent Customer Service to take the stress and worry out of online shopping.

Extra Kipa Beach Website Features

Kokua” is a traditional Hawaiian value that means “help, assist, comfort, support.” As a company that develops products that try to embody Hawaii and its culture, Kipa Beach takes this traditional value very seriously. We believe our product is a great way of giving someone a piece of Hawaii through its design, comfort, material, etc. Kipa Beach strives to help, assist, comfort, and support each and every one of its customers from start to finish. Our company is very inclusive and so we would hate for anyone to be left behind so scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your email into our “Turkish Towels Lovers Sales Alerts” toolbar! This feature will add customers to an email list that is first to know about all sales as soon as they happen!

Once you receive your Turkish Towel we would really love your feedback! Kipa Beach works to improve every aspect of the customer experience and we want you to enjoy our wonderful product! Don’t be afraid to leave us a review or tag us on Instagram @kipabeach, we want to see how each of our customers choose to enjoy the most luxurious and unique Turkish Beach and Bath Towels! Now hurry and get yours today! You deserve a worry free and carefree all summer long!

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