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What is a Turkish towel, anyways?

What is a Turkish Towel?

You hear all the hype, but what is a Turkish towel?

what is a turkish towel turkish towels what are they

In short, a Turkish towel is a classic thin, soft towel woven from Turkish cotton. But being made from Turkish cotton is not the only thing that sets a Turkish towel apart from other towels. You see these towels are woven with very LOOOONG cotton fibers. This length makes the towels more durable, more absorbent, and they even become softer over time. 

What is so special about Turkish towels?

Really, the question should be what isn't special about Turkish towels?

Turkish towels get better over time! The simple fact that Turkish towels get better the more you use and wash them makes them special. How many things have you bought over the past 10 years that get better over time? I spent some time thinking about that and I can't come up with anything, really. I know that my nice audio system got better over time, but at a certain point electronics start to breakdown. Can you think of anything that just keeps getting better over time? Leave a comment below. 


Turkish towels can be used in MANY ways.

How to use a turkish towel

Most people are choosing to be more mindful of the items that we own; we choose high quality items that can be used longer and are multipurpose. This is a key principal of living simply. The Turkish towel is a perfect example of how we can simplify our life and invest in products that stand the test of time and be used for many of our daily needs. Turkish towels can be used for many purposes: one single towel can be used as a beach towel, a bath towel, a scarf, a throw blanket, a sarong, a picnic blanket, a yoga mat, a table covering, a turban...  You get the point, they really are the swiss army knife of towels.

These towels dry crazy fast which mean no yucky mildew smell on your Turkish bath towels. The quick drying properties of Turkish towels also make them perfect to use as a travel towel, or as a beach towel.

Thin and compact Turkish towels, what's not to love? Because Turkish towels are woven, sleek, and soft they store beautifully. Rolling your towels helps them to store really well making this truly the best travel towel available and gives your linen closet some much needed breathing room. 

What are turkish towels

Are Turkish towels better than regular towels?

what is a turkish towel

Hmmm, let's think about this a little. Are Turkish towels better than our standard towel? I say HECK YES! Turkish towels are more absorbent, last longer, dry quicker, get softer over time, have more uses and look way better than any bath towel or any beach towels I've even seen. Cotton towels wear out and become rough to the touch pretty quickly making them a consistent disappointment and a waste of resources.

What is a Turkish beach towel, how is it different from a Turkish bath towel?

That's the beauty of the Turkish towel, it is a multipurpose towel! You can use your Turkish bath towel as your beach towel and vice versa. The thin smooth texture of the towels means that you will not be that person with the gross sand covered towel trying to dry off from a dip in the water. Turkish towels are extremely absorbent easily able to dry you after a shower, they have the luxury look of designer-selected bathroom linens, and they dry quickly making them an ideal bath towel too. 

Are Turkish towels good?

After I figured out what a Turkish towel was, I decided to get one for myself and find out if Turkish towels are any good. My first towel was stunning and I could not believe that every towel-using person on the planet was not exclusively using them already. This super soft Turkish bath towel was all mine, I found myself grabbing it first from the laundry pile, digging around the house to find it to go to the beach, snatching it up to take to the pool... I realized that I needed more Turkish towels in my life because, yes, Turkish towels are good. They cost twice as much as the towels I go from Target, but my Target towels only lasted about a year before I wanted to replace them. I have had my first Turkish towel for about 7 years and it is even better than when I first purchased it. So, if you are thinking about purchasing a Turkish towel, I say do it! You won't be disappointed. 

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