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Why I Never Travel Without My Turkish Towel

Traveling can be a hassle, but not when you’re doing it right.

best travel towel

I’ve come to realize the only way to travel right (and light!) is with a Turkish Towel! Kipa Beach Turkish Towels are so universal and can be used to satisfy so many traveling needs. I never leave my home to travel without making sure I’ve got my Turkish Towel packed and ready to go in my carry on. Here are some tips on how to travel with your Turkish Towel and why you should never leave it at home!

Best Travel Towel Ever

travel turkish towel

Forget about buying that overpriced neck pillow at the airport because you forgot your pillow at home! A Turkish Towel makes for a great and comfortable neck rest for any traveling situation. Roll it up and prop it behind your neck on the airplane or in the car for a relaxing trip. Its soft material makes it even better to rest your head on, providing comfy, soft, support for your head and neck! Don’t forget your headphones either so you can tune into your favorite podcasts and listen your favorite tunes while you travel.

One Travel Towel, Endless Possibilities 

travel towels best

I can’t stand to be cold when I travel. Bringing my Turkish Towel with me while traveling, I never have to worry about getting the chills since it can also serve as a light blanket. It’s not bulky, so you don’t have to worry about bothering your neighbor. It’s the perfect size traveling blanket, fitting ideally in your carry on or in your backpack! Pro tip -- wear your Turkish Towel as a scarf and don’t even worry about storing it. I also use the towel to cover my eyes if the sun is coming in through the window. There’s just so many ways you can utilize this towel!

The Travel Towel That Works Everywhere

Multipurpose travel towels

Never get confused again at the pool or on the beach wondering which towel is yours. The beautiful designs of these Turkish Towels are sure to make your towel stand out anywhere you go. You’re bound to get compliments on these towels since they are such the eye catcher. It’s hard to know which towel is yours, especially at a resort when they all use the same navy and blue striped towels. Kipa Beach’s Turkish Towels have so many design options to choose from it’ll be hard for you to pick just one!

Compact Travel Towels

small travel towels

Packing light is ideal when it comes to traveling. Good thing the Turkish Towel is extremely lightweight and takes up little to no space in any bag or suitcase. These towels make for great beach and bath towels and dry at a rapid rate compared to other towels. Their material makes them super reliable and multi-functional. They always get softer after every wash, do you know another towel that does that? I don’t!

Keep Warm With Your Travel Turkish Towel

towels for traveling 

These Turkish Towels are stylish enough to wear as a couple of accessories when you travel. Traveling somewhere a little cooler, no worries, this towel can serve as a stylish scarf! Going somewhere warm? Perfect! You can use this towel as a coverup for the beach/pool as well! There are so many uses for this Turkish Towel, the sky's the limit with these!

Kipa Beach Travel Turkish Towels

Traveling can be hassle free when you have the right products! Your first step to having the right products, is to purchase a Kipa Beach Turkish Towel! It’s the only right way to travel nowadays. Store it safely in your carry on or backpack while still being able to fit your other necessities such as headphones, a book, and your toiletries! Happy and safe travels!

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