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Top 5 Turkish Towels of 2020

With so many different Turkish Towels that Kipa Beach has to offer it was pretty hard to narrow down the top five products. All of Kipa Beach’s Turkish towels are worth every penny and are truly the best Turkish towels in the game! I can’t think of a better accessory than the Turkish towel as it can be used and styled in so many different ways with so many different design options. The soft fabric and quick drying of all these products have saved my life in so many ways. I can rely on these Turkish towels to take on anything and any adventure that comes its way. Here are my top five go-to Turkish towels of 2020.


#1 Turkish Towel - The Sea Foam

light blue turkish towel

In an instant brighten up anyone’s day with the vibrant and stylish Turkish Towel. The Sea Foam is quite the eye catcher I must say… I am sure anyone who gets to hold this beautiful light blue towel would agree that it takes them straight to paradise! Tassels on the towel and its light blue color, just like the clear ocean waters, the Sea Foam is here to offer you a piece of Hawaii anywhere that you go. Ditch your heavy sand filled mess of a towel and get this 100% Turkish Cotton towel, designed to air dry in record timing!

 #2 Turkish Blanket - The New Moon

gray turkish blanket

The New Moon XL Turkish Blanket has all the same qualities of the Turkish Towel, but much bigger!! I love to take this blanket to the beach for a picnic because it provides so much space for sitting and dining. Not only is this blanket suitable for beach picnics, but it’s also useful to get cozy on the couch to watch a movie! It’s no wonder this Turkish blanket is one of Kipa Beach’s top sellers, use it for a date night or a family friendly beach day. I love how lightweight this blanket is and how easily it can fit into a bag. Get rid of the outdated plaid picnic cloth and purchase your Turkish blanket to turn heads anywhere you go! 

#3 Turkish Stonewashed Towel - The Wave

gray stonewashed towels

Have a piece of the beach with you at all times with the Wave Stonewashed Turkish towel. This beautiful stonewash blue denim towel reminds me so much of the deep blue Maui seas. I love to send these towels to friends and family as they make great birthday or Christmas gifts. Shipping is easy too since these Turkish towels are designed to be lightweight and eco-friendly. The softness of The Wave Turkish Towel makes it ideal to use as a coverup. You can pair this towel with anything and know that you're sure to make a statement when wearing it!

#4 Terry Towel - The Low Tide

beige terry towels

The Low Tide Terry Towel makes the top 5 list this year because of all that it brings to the table! This design did not come to play and pushes the limits of the “usual” terry cloth material bath towels. The beige Turkish Bath Towels stand out proudly amongst competitors by record drying time and material that gets softer with each use, not destroyed! The fringe ends on this towel gives it that special design touch to stand out from all the other towels out there. Enjoy your day at the beach with The Low Tide Turkish towel whether it’s high tide, low tide or no tide! No need to worry about your towel getting too sandy either since these Turkish towels are designed with 100% long cotton fibers to avoid the sandy mess. 

#5 Turkish Towel - The Wailea

navy white stripped turkish towel

Stripes are back and better than ever on the Wailea Turkish towel! The navy and white striped towel make for a great backdrop for beach photos or even to wear as a scarf. I love the design of this Turkish Towel and constantly get compliments on this one. This towel gives me vacation vibes every time I use it! Everyone wants to get their hands on this gorgeous towel and be the talk of the beach...or the bathroom (in a good way) as this towel can also serve as a great and quick drying bath towel. No matter how or where you’re using The Wailea Turkish towel you’re sure to be comfortable in it.

Best Turkish Towels, EVER!

Guys, I’m not kidding when I tell you I use these products each and every day!! Whether it be taking it to the beach, wearing it as a coverup or scarf, or using it on my couch as a soft and cozy blanket. The best part is...not even washing them can ruin these Turkish towels, they only get better! I’ve never seen another towel able to become softer after each wash. If you haven’t gotten your hands on a Turkish towel yet you are truly missing out. I love everything Kipa Beach’s Turkish towel has to offer, these towels are one of a kind!!

top turkish towels of 2020

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