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Terry Cotton Towels vs. Turkish Cotton Towels, Do I Have to Pick One?

Terry Cotton Towels vs Turkish Cotton Towels… I'll take both!

terry cotton or turkish cotton

Terry Cotton Towels

Terry cotton towels are our standard towels we have been using forever. You know the drill. You buy nice new towels to match the bathroom, they are soft and fluffy and look wonderful hanging on your towel bar. You use your new bath towel for the first time and all goes well. You shower the next morning and your towel is still a little damp, but you're used to it. I mean we have been using terry cotton towels forever, right? We know they can take a long time to dry and get that funky mildew smell after a few uses.

After you wash your new terry cotton towel a few times, the soft fluffiness you loved is now gone. The towel is matted and looking more sad with each wash. It is laundry day and all your beach towels are in the washer, so you have to grab your new-ish bath towel. Talk about a disaster! Now you have to drag a soaking wet, nasty, sand-filled towel home. You are certain that no amount of washing will ever bring this poor towel back to life and just toss it in the trash. Ugh!

Turkish Cotton Towels

turkish cotton towles

On the flip side, let's say that you bought a new set of Turkish cotton towels instead of the plain old terry cotton towels. You shower each morning before work and notice that your new Turkish bath towel is completely dry each morning! What! You even used it all week long and it never got that funky smell. I mean, if it dries fast, how can it get stinky?

You are enjoying the new Turkish cotton towel so much it is the only towel you find yourself using and you are washing it a ton! You notice that the towel is not getting worn out like you are used to terry towels doing. It is actually getting softer and fluffier each time you wash it. It is crazy! You even have the option of taking your new Turkish bath towel to the beach and have no problem at all. The long, flat cotton fibers of the towel, repel sand instead of trapping it. It dries very fast in the sun and you even got a few compliments on your stunning beach towel! WIN!

But Can Turkish Cotton Towels Dry Me Off Well?

Can those Turkish towels dry me off well enough or are they just for looks, style, and easy to pack into your bag?  Although ALL our luxury turkish cotton towels are MORE than equipped to dry anyone off after their swim, shower, or bath, we have the perfect solution to anybody that might want a little extra punch of absorbent power packed into their trendy, lightweight and multi-use towel.  

Terry Cotton and Turkish Cotton Lovers Unite!

Introducing Kipa Beach’s Terry towels, which are an elegant blend of Turkish Cotton and Terry Cotton weaves that gives any dripping and soaked body the extra absorbency it needs to get every last drop off.  You see now you can get all the luxury features of the Turkish cotton towel and a touch of the terry cotton when you just want a little more absorbency.

terry towel sale

Our Terry towel gives you the modern comfort and style of turkish towels which is thin and lightweight enough to pack into any day bag.  But it is also absorbent enough to get that wet and water logged hair dry in a hurry. One side of the towel is the casual and stylish look of Turkish cotton while the other side of the towel is a terry cotton weave. This combination makes it the perfect go to for anybody looking for a little extra fluff and absorbance when it comes to drying off. Not only will you love this new terry cloth and Turkish cotton combination, but be cautious because your friends might be stealing your new favorite terry towel as they sneak out for a surf. To top it all off, the Terry towel also boasts a cute string fringe at each end which is a nice subtle addition to this terry cotton blend towel.

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