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What are Stonewashed Towels?

You know that favorite pair of jeans that fits just right, feels worn in yet soft at the same time?  Well take our word for it, that is the same home grown feeling we get from our new stonewashed Kipa Beach towels, The Wave and The Sugarcane.  These towels are woven and made of 100% Turkish cotton that is specialized and pre-washed to give you that extra level of comfort right when you take it out of the packaging.  Whether you are hitting your first day back at the beach, taking a winter dip in your jacuzzi, or relaxing after bath time at home, the comfort of these towels will excite you time and time again. The delicate touch of these towels will have you wondering why everything in your linen closet doesn't come pre-washed with this type of detail.

Gorgeous Blue Denim Stonewashed Towel

The color way of our stonewashed Wave towel is a classic worn out blue denim look that is the perfect accessory to anything you want it to match with.  This classic look and style will accompany any bikini, any home decor setting, or any outdoor picnic adventure in the mountains.  It really is the perfect towel/blanket to match those cut off jean shorts as you post up on the lawn for the next country concert.  



Bold Chartreuse (AKA Mustard Yellow) Stonewashed Towel

The Sugarcane towel is a mood setting combination of color ways that has everyone in my girl gang going crazy over.  I literally heard one of my friends just the other day say “this sugarcane color, it is everything to me!”  It's a hard color to describe, but one way to explain it would be that it looks like an off center mustard green.  If that even makes sense?  Probably not, but once you get your hands on one you will know what I mean.  It is such a fabulous earth tone blend of colors that it likes to stand out with authority while oddly enough at the same time being tranquil and relaxing. 



Stonewashed Towel Benefits

The other mind bending detail to these stonewashed towels is that like many other Turkish cotton towels, it continues to get softer and softer after each use!  I know it's hard to believe it when you first touch this towel because it's already plenty comfy, but the more I used it the more I continued to fall in love with it.  Like I said before, towel love, its a thing, just like your favorite pair of jeans.  Take our word for it!  



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