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Premium Turkish Blankets Like Never Before

new moon turkish blanket

If you’re planning on having a splashing good time at the beach, don’t forget the resilient, built to last, beach blankets. The best kinds of blankets are the ones that are versatile- serving more than one purpose. Bring them to the beach and that’s not all. They’re also great for picnics at the park, for camping under the stars or even if you're planning on chilling in your backyard or snuggling on the couch. 

If you’re looking for some of the best Turkish blanket selections in town, look to Kipa Beach. Gentle on the skin, pretty and soft, Kipa Turkish throw blankets come in neutral colors that can easily complement everything, from the couch to your bikini.

Each piece is designed in Maui and made in Turkey. But there’s more to love about our organic, hypoallergenic throw blankets. At Kipa, it’s all about comfortability meeting quality and affordability, and we believe that’s what matters most.  

The Reef Turkish Blanket


From the New Moon to the Tide to the Reef and more, we’ve got some delightful and extra comfortable blankets designed to give you the vibes of a day well spent at the beach. Enjoy the sun, sand, sea and surf better with Kipa Turkish cotton throw blankets. 

Why Kipa Beach Towels?


Made from 100% Turkish Cotton, Kipa Beach blankets are strong yet soft, and they get fluffier, softer, and more absorbent over time. With absolutely no synthetic materials used, it’s pure and premium quality cotton all the way. The secret lies in the extra-long premium cotton fibers used.

The more often you wash this blanket, the softer it gets. You can feel the difference from the very first time you fish it out of the washing machine. 

The tide turkish blanket


Thinner than a terry but as absorbent as traditional towels, our premium Turkish blankets won’t weigh you down. They also dry super-fast. Air-drying is truly an option.

Take these washable Turkish sofa throws wherever you go without worrying about spills or stains. A quick spin in the washer will leave them looking as good as new.

It’s time to ditch those bulky, inefficient beach blankets that never get completely dry and switch to Kipa throw blankets. And you’ll also be kissing that nasty mildew stink goodbye!


An everyday item anyone will love, Kipa Turkish throws take up much less room than the ones you’ve been using. Going somewhere? Roll it up and tuck it between clothes in your suitcase. Or stash it in your backpack. Just whip it out when the weather gets cold or when the sun burns your skin.

Keep a couple in the car trunk just in case you get caught in an unexpected shower, or if you decide on a spontaneous trip to the park, or quick ocean dip.

the reef turkish blanket


Touch up your bedding ensemble or even your living room decor with a handmade Kipa Beach Turkish blanket or drape it as a throw on your couch. Upgrade that beach or pool set with a set of three in different colors. Use them in yoga classes or at the gym.

Snuggle up! Have one on the bed, another on the sofa, and one more in your outdoor lounge. Keep warm on chilly nights on your balcony and while traveling on a plane, train, or cruise liner. Protect yourself from UV rays on the beach or hiking up the mountains.

Sit on it. Whether on the grass to keep your jeans clean, or on the boat to keep them dry, our blankets won’t complain. You can even use them as a picnic tablecloth.

Got kids? Cover yourself and your infant, in style, while nursing in public. A child-friendly alternative to their usual playmats, this blanket protects the carpet by doubling as a spill catcher. The best part is that the fabric is gentle on their sensitive skin.

These versatile blankets give a whole new meaning to the proverbial term ‘endless possibilities.’ 

tide turkish blanket


The perfect companion for a trip to the beach, our Turkish blankets will leave the sand where it belongs- at the beach! A quick whisk is all it takes to get rid of every grain of sand. So, all you take back home is a tan and happy memories.


All of our Turkish blankets are made of premium 100% Turkish Cotton with all-natural dyes. We don’t use chemicals or any substances that may be harmful to you, your kids or even your pets.

Our blankets are versatile, durable, comfortable, easy to wash and quick to dry.

new moon turkish blanket


Compared to other blankets available in the market, our extra-large Turkish blankets measure 5 feet x 7 feet, plus tassels. If you love our Turkish Towels, think of these blankets as their bigger versions. They are lightweight, fast-drying, compact, eco-friendly, and become softer, fluffier and more absorbent over time as well.

Big blankets are perfect for a romantic getaway, a weekend picnic with your family and pets, or a beach vacay with your squad. There’s plenty of room on it to wine and dine together!

If you’re looking for Turkish blankets on Amazon or Turkish blankets on Etsy, you’ll find the perfect beach blanket to match your mood at Kipa Beach.

They are also great gifts for practically anyone in your life. Whether for a birthday, graduation, the holidays, anniversaries or housewarming, Kipa Turkish blankets are sure to add warmth to every celebration.

the reef turkish blanket

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