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Minimalist Living and Turkish Towels

When did minimalism begin?Minimalist living

Although some may disagree, Minimalism has been around for ages. It is becoming more and more popular as time goes on but the truth behind this mindset is that it has been a thing for sometime now! Minimalism became widely known around the 1960’s as a simple trend that reached all aspects, from design to music. In the world we live in today, everything is mass produced so we have a great deal of surplus products. These often get marked down for sale so consumers are slowly accumulating more and more stuff to solve our overproduction issue. Sooner or later we catch ourselves having to purge the storage closet for even the slightest bit of free space. Let's dive into the minimalist lifestyles so that maybe you can incorporate a little into your own life and reduce some stress and unneeded clutter!

What is a minimalist lifestyle?

The basic principles behind a minimalist lifestyle sound easy peasy but as you attempt this “live with less” lifestyle in our world today, you may face challenges. Minimalists strongly believe that materialistic objects distract us from the real world in front of us and relationships or connections with others. The goal of a minimalist lifestyle is to get more in tune with yourself and the raw world around you. Experiences are everything and as humans we should strive to experience the most we possibly can because there is so much adventure awaiting! A minimalist lifestyle will challenge you to live with less and start to live your life solely based on experiences with the world and people around you. In turn, you will be happier, feel lighter, and stress free!

How to be a minimalist?

There are many ways to start attempting a minimalist lifestyle. When starting this new page in life, a good rule of thumb to remember is “quality over quantity.” The whole goal is to make the most out of as little as possible. Switching to a minimalist lifestyle can definitely save you some bucks but you can also earn them. All of your extra belongings don’t have to be trashed or donated, I’m sure about half of it could be sold. This may make you feel a little more at ease about getting rid of so much stuff.

Minimalist cleaning

First, I would make a goal sheet and figure out if you are completely wanting to convert or if there are just some areas that you would like to make minimalist changes. For example, I cannot have a completely minimalist life because I do enjoy an overabundance of some things but with my house I try to keep things simplistic and useful. Next part is the hardest, this is where you split your things! Another good tip for getting rid of clutter, especially if you are indecisive like myself is the 90/90 rule. This rule states that if you have not used the item in the last 90 days and do not plan to use it in the next 90 days, it is perfectly okay for you to ditch it. If you stick to this rule, you will begin to see how many useless things you actually own.

how to start living like a minimalist

After you have thrown out your past excessive lifestyle, get ready for a new and improved way of life. There are so many benefits and lessons Minimalism can teach us especially in a commercial world like ours. For starters, this lifestyle is way easier on your pockets and less expenses will always make budgeting less challenging. Another reason this is good from the financial aspect is because with less things you can move into a smaller space which will give you lots of positive return as far as expenses go. This lifestyle will teach you how to value things that give you a positive experience or impact you in a good way!

How Turkish towels help you live a minimalist lifestyle?

Minimalist living and turkish towels

Minimalist Living and Turkish Towels - One Towel So Many Uses

Turkish Towels are the perfect product to help you achieve a minimalist lifestyle! With these wonderful minimalist towels, you are able to replace beach towels, bath towels, scarves, and throw blankets with ONE towel that covers all. Our towels are made with very high quality Turkish Cotton which makes them designed for compact storage. Having towels that you can store literally anywhere is such a blessing. Before I discovered these compact and airy towels, I was guilty of the overflow linen closet. If you haven’t experienced this yet consider yourself a lucky duck! In my apartment there was not a lot of storage so I shoved all of my spare bath towels plus my hoarding of beach towels in there. Every time I had guests over or needed to get in that closet myself, I was met with an epic linen challenge of grabbing a towel fast before they all toppled onto me. 

Minimalist turkish towels

I have purged the linen closet and replaced it with some Turkish Towels and I cannot tell you the stress that just a small decision like that did for me. I use a mix of the luxury turkish towels.  These towels are slightly thicker than the basic Turkish towels, making them a really great choice for either a throw blanket or a towel. I constantly get so many compliments on these towels because they are so unique. These towels do amazingly on the beach or at the pool because they dry so quickly I can usually just hang dry them while I am packing up. I never find myself carrying around heavy wet beach towels or fighting with a whacky linen closet anymore. Removing my hoarding mess of a towel closet and replacing them with these compact Turkish Towels has allowed me to have much more storage for important things I had been neglecting before!

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