How to Wear A Turkish Towel

One Turkish Towel, So Many Ways to Wear

Ever wonder how to wear your turkish towel? You are not alone. So many people love the versatility of Turkish towels and want to know all the many ways to wear their towel. It feels so great to not be tied to a big bag of junk as you are enjoying the water. What a great feeling of simplicity and minimalist living when you hop off your boat to grab a burger and simply wrap your Turkish towel around you and BAM you have the required clothing to dine in! 

Style #1 The Turkish Towel Tube Dress

  • Wrap your upper body with your Turkish towel (back to front)
  • Slide your Turkish towels open ends to the left (one end on top of another)
  • Stuff the top corner under the other

how to wear a turkish towel

Style #2 Turkish Towel Sarong/Skirt/Pareo

  • Wrap your Turkish towel tightly around your waist
  • Tie the top ends on one side of your choice

wear turkish towel as a sarong

Style #3 The Turkish Towel Halter Dress

  • Start this style by wrapping the Turkish Towel around your back
  • Hold the upper corners in front of you, cross them over each other, then tie it around your neck

how to wear a turkish towel as a halter dress

Style #4 The Turkish Towel Greek Goddess

  • Wrap your Turkish Towels from front to back
  • Put one side on top of the other
  • Tie it around the left or right side of your neck

how to wear a turkish towel

Style #5 The Turkish Towel Double Knotted Dress

  • Start wrapping your Turkish Towel around you, starting from the back to front
  • Hold the upper end of your towel on your chest level and tie a knot
  • Repeat the knot one more time and BOOM!

make a dress with turkish towel

wearing turkish towels

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