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How to Wash Turkish Towels

Ever wonder how to wash Turkish towels? Us too, let's dive in! Turkish Towels can be used in a variety of ways. Not only are these towels stylish and comfortable but they are quick drying and become softer over time, ensuring that your towel is soft after every wash. No matter where you go you’ll be sure to turn heads with your Turkish Towel. Keep your Turkish Towel soft, fresh, and clean by following these steps on how to wash Turkish Towels.

How To Wash Turkish Towels For The First Time

how to wash turkish towels

To ensure that your Turkish Towel keeps its comfortable and soft exterior, Kipa Beach recommends soaking or washing your Turkish Towel before it’s first adventure. If you choose to wash your Turkish Towel, be sure to use a gentle setting and little soap. If you would rather soak your towel, which is equally successful, fill a bathtub, sink or bucket will cool water and allow it to soak through the night. The cotton fibers that your Turkish Towel is made of expand when wet and absorb the water, after washing or soaking your towel, hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat. Your quick drying Turkish Towel will be ready to use in no time. 

(Note: If you don't want to pre-wash or soak your towel before use, that's okay, they are crazy durable.)

How to Wash Turkish Towels After Their First Use

wash turkish towel after first use

Your Turkish Towel is now ready for it’s first use, whether it be as a beach towel or a picnic blanket. Wherever you decide to go with your Turkish Towel, feel at ease knowing that no matter how many washes, your Turkish Towel will continue to get better over time, becoming softer after every wash. How to wash Turkish Towels after undergoing its many uses for the day starts by using medium or cold water on a gentle setting just like you did for the pre-wash. No need to add fabric softener since your Turkish Towel is naturally soft. Steer away from using bleach on your Turkish Towel as this can damage it. Kipa Beach recommends hanging your Turkish Towel to dry but if you prefer to use a machine dryer, like we did for the pre-wash, use low heat. Don’t forget to check the fringes on your Turkish Towel after each wash to make sure they’re always knotted, if you find them loose or unravelled after a wash, don’t worry, lightly pull on the fringe to tighten the knot and your Turkish Towel is good as new. Yes, it is that easy to take care of Turkish Towels!

Post-Wash Care for Turkish Towels

Post-Wash Care for Turkish Towels

Following these steps on how to wash Turkish Towels will keep your towel soft and durable after every wash, lasting you a lifetime. If you ever worry that your Turkish Towel may get caught on something and ruin the fabric, there is a simple solution; taking a pair of scissors to cut the loose thread will do the job without causing damage to the fabric of the towel. This durableness is because of the unique method these towels are woven. Plan on using your Turkish Towel as a fashion statement but it has a few wrinkles? Turkish Towels are iron friendly so you can look your best no matter how you use your towel, make sure to use a warm temperature setting. So what are you waiting for? Shop Kipa Beach Turkish Towels and get to washing to enjoy your multipurpose, soft, new towel.

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