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How Many Turkish Towels Do I Need?

News alert… whoever told you those stains and rips on your towels at home build character, they lied. We want to show you the true way to trade your rags for riches. With Kipa Beach Turkish towels there are SO many opportunities for you to let your personality show in your home without a cluttered towel mess.

How many Turkish Towels should I keep at home?

how many turkish towels should I buy

We can’t promise that our Turkish Towels won’t cause a slight shopping addiction so the answer to that question of how many is simply up to you! Turkish Towels can replace pool towels as well as bathroom linens because they are so versatile. This eliminates your towel hoarding mess by at least half.

In your bathrooms at home, there are a couple of options that you can choose depending on your style and comfort. If you are looking for quick and easy we would recommend purchasing from our sets. Our sets are The High Tide, The Salt, and The Low Tide. You can purchase these delightful sets in quantities of 2 or 4, we recommend the 4! Our customers always come back for more when they only start with two. The sets are easy because you can keep the styles and fabric the same throughout your home. I have a more modern themed bathroom in my home so I found that the light gray color of The High Tide is just so refreshing and crisp with all of my decor.

That’s the basics, are you ready to take it to the next level?

To be a Turkish Towel pro, we’ve got some tips and advice for you! Unlock luxury level bathrooms with our list of luxury Turkish Towels.

how many turkish towels

These towels are truly an example of what to die for actually means… I can’t help but feel luxurious every time I touch my skin with such complex fabric. I have found that the success tip of the day when wanting to spruce that guest bathroom of yours is to mix solids and patterns! This has done WONDERS for the aesthetics of my bathrooms and I feel less guilty because I know that Turkish Towels are an investment because of their great quality. I personally mix The High Tide set with some of The Storm luxury Turkish Towels because the white and gray stripes compliment the light gray of my High Tide towels, it’s eye-catching!

Pool Towels, Beach Towels, Bath Towels, O My!

You won’t need to purchase separate towels for the beach or pool because these Turkish Towels will do!

Remember that when you buy our towels you are buying a product that is multipurpose and can be utilized anytime and any place. Now there are no more excuses for your cluttered linen closet any longer! Having towels that are so versatile is so beneficial because it keeps things simple and concise. No more shame of using pool towels for bath towels whenever you run out of clean laundry or vice versa. You can grab one towel from the closet and GO. Minimizing the amount of towels I have to keep in the house has lifted pounds off of my laundry loads. These towels are light and simple so I’m never hobbling through the halls with the huge mound that I have to peep from behind to make sure I don’t run into walls! 

Enough of that mess!

how many turkish towels do I need

There is now no reason for an exploding linen closet. Turkish Towels were made with people like you in mind, our mission is to take the annoying out of the to do list so that it gets done. We developed a Turkish Towel that allows you to do more with no clutter!

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