Turkish Towel Trends | 2020 Turkish Beach Towels and Turkish Bath Towels

  • Top 5 Turkish Towels of 2020

    I can rely on these Turkish towels to take on anything and any adventure that comes its way. Here are my top five go-to Turkish towels of 2020.
  • How to Wash Turkish Towels

    Ever wonder how to wash Turkish towels? Us too, let's dive in! To ensure that your Turkish Towel keeps its comfortable and soft exterior, Kipa Beach recommends...
  • Where to Buy Turkish Towels?

    Kipa Beach has made it easy for you to purchase your very own piece of Hawaii with the Turkish Beach Towel! These towels are designed in the heart of Hawaii making them so unique amongst all other Turkish Towels!
  • How to Use a Turkish Towel

    Turkish Towels are easily the trend of summertime and the perfect accent to an ideal beach day! Turkish towels were made with the goal to provide y...
  • What is a Turkish towel, anyways?

    In short, a Turkish towel is a classic thin, soft towel woven from Turkish cotton. But being made from Turkish cotton is not the only thing that sets a Turkish towel apart from other towels. You see these towels are woven with very LOOOONG cotton fibers. This length makes the towels more durable, more absorbent, and they even become softer over time.